Making sense of a rapidly changing world

“I feel inspired with new tools to understand change.”

Department Director, rapidly-growing city

The Allison Group provides accessible, actionable, and inspiring insights through briefings and workshops.

A good model can increase your understanding and save you time, energy, and money. And give you increased clarity about opportunities and threats.

Our model of social change, developed by Mary Ann Allison, MBA, PhD, is backed by award-winning research and practical experience. You can use this expertise to improve your organization’s capacity to recognize important trends and change more effectively with the times.

We believe we learn more when we are having fun. In her presentations, Mary Ann uses pictures and stories to engage interest and inspire action.

“Mary Ann is a big-picture thinker and skilled communicator able to spin complex concepts — such as whole eras of human history – into accessible, actionable insights that can help anyone make sense of a rapidly changing world.”

Jeff Carr, Executive Director, Museum of Idaho

Our presentations and tools

We all know we are facing enormous problems locally and globally. And that they are interconnected and getting worse. More important than competitive advantage is realistic hope and inspiration.

We believe in the human capacity to solve next-level challenges, those challenges created by our successes in a prior historical era. Our research supports this belief. Our presentations and tools provide practical support.
Briefings and Workshops

Designed for organizations, typically for government or business leadership teams who want to lead their teams skillfully during rapid social change.

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Local and Regional Challenges

Designed for community and regional groups — alliances of Intention — that are working to address wide-ranging problems, often including next-level problems. Often hosted by a sponsoring agency.

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Individuals (“Library talks”)

Designed to engage parents and grandparents, and anyone interested in understanding how social change is affecting our everyday lives.

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“I left this presentation with an improved and updated toolbox of skills that help my daily interactions as an employer, friend, father, and, unexpectedly, as a grandfather. Time very well spent.”

Merrill Huntsman, Owner, Design Gallery

Lame duck politician? Corporate officer retiring soon?

You want to leave your organization in good hands which means your leadership team knows how to look at the future.

Comments from an executive briefing:

“This takes thinking big picture to an era level.  Very insightful.”
“Working with, instead of against, social pressures.”
“One of the best seminars I have attended.”
“{I will be better] at recognizing cultural /informational change/impacts to life.”
“Kept my attention…and helped me think of how I will use this with my team.”
“[I understand more} how my daily choices make a difference in the community.”

Hot topics

From time to time, there are topics of intense common interest where we think the Allison Group can contribute to the public conversation. In those cases, we offer 90-minute presentations. Not with answers, but with frameworks and thought experiments. Artificial intelligence is one example.

Ideas, thought experiments, and models

Here are some of the things we are thinking about.

Fool me once:  AI and the balance of power

AI governance, Social Dynamics – 04th Jun 24

Governing AI series:  Part 1 This article is Part 1 of a series about the power of using multiple methods of regulating AI.   This is not, for example, about the content of a law or a policy recommendation from an AI developer industry group.  It is about what types of governance have a chance of […]

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A little help from our friends:  Our World in Data

Global progress, Other Resources, Social Dynamics

Short introductions to resources we find useful This article is part of a series which features ideas from other people that inform our thinking and inspire us.  We hope you will find them interesting. We are descended from people who got out of the way of the cave bear We human beings are good at […]

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Three-minute case studies:  wiifm?  Journalism professor, mother, and grandmother

Parents and grandparents, Social Dynamics, Stepping up, wiifim (what’s in it for me?) – 28th May 24

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