Mentor of the Year Award, presented at the Latin Honors Recognition Convocation by Hofstra University, 2012.
Best Practices in Teaching Visual Literacy, Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) Teaching Committee, 2011. 2nd Place
Outstanding Professor Award, Olive Plunkett Award Ceremony, nominated by the Hofstra University community and the Student Government Association, 2011.
Courses Taught Guest Lectures
Marketing and Promotion (Masters level) City University of New York, Brooklyn (graduate program)
Mass Media: History and Development Edinburgh Business School (graduate program)
Mass Communications in Contemporary Society Marist College (graduate program)
Media Literacy: Criticism and Analysis Massachusetts Institute of Technology: New England Complex Systems Institute (post doctoral program)
Media and Popular Culture New York University: Graduate School of Public Service, Stern Business School
Surveying Public Opinion Pratt Institute, Historic Preservation (graduate program)
Theories of Media Pratt Institute, Design Management Program
Computers and Culture University of South Carolina Global Business Forum
Decision Making in Groups  
Doctoral Dissertation Committee Member
Time Student University / Program Dissertation Title
August 2008 – Present Marian Conway Walden University  TBD    
October, 2007 – Present Michael Cole Pace University
Lubin School of Business
Marketing Consequences of Technology Enabled Consumer Collaoration with Products    
Directed Student Learning at Hofstra University
Undergraduate Honors Theses
Time Student Thesis Title
Spring 2009 Christine Reale The Adaptive Entertainer: A Reflective Analysis of Competitive Self-Representation and Archetypes in New Media Communities
Spring 2008 Bonnie McKasty American Sea Change and the Rise in Popularity of the Alternative and Holistic Medical Movement
Spring 2007 Erin McDowell The Action Reasearcher: A Reflective Analysis of Primary Attention Group Research Findings and The Design of a Method for Result Dissemination
Supervised Research
Time Student(s) Research TItle
Spring 2009 Amanda Bryant
Alyssa Dutton
9/11 Conspiracy Theory and Mass Media’s Effects
Fall 2008 Christine Reale A Comparison of Generational Social Change through Entertainment and Mass Media
Spring 2008 Dale Johnson Global Media in a Changing World: Social Networking & Mediated Communication
  Marshall Mitchell-Servilio Mass Media Technology and Its Affects on High School Education
  Veronica Leon Bias in Apparenlty Credible New Sources
  Amanda Tiradentes Orkut as a Case Study in the Paradigm Shift  From Gemeinschaft to Cyber-gesellshaft
  Christie Hanlon Studying New Cassel: Demographics, Media Use, and Suburban Communication
  Ryan Denehy Paradigm Shift in Mass Media: Print to Internet
Fall 2007 Bonnie Mckasty Public Relations and Global Health
  Ryan Denehy
Amanda Tiradentes
The New Mass Media: Social Networking
Spring 2007 Laurin Kicklighter The Green Map System: A Case Study
Undergraduate Research Poster Presentations
Time Student Conference Poster Title Paper Title
Spring 2008 Amanda Tiradentes Colonial Academic Alliance Cyber-Gemeinschaft: A Change in Communication and Community
  Christina Reale Colonial Academic Alliance Archetypes and Competitive Self-Representation in Facebook
Hoftsra New College First Year Independent Projects
Time Student Project Title
Spring 2008 Veronica Leon Manipulation by Apparently Credible News Sources: World Wrestling Entertainment
Individually Negotiated Honors Options
Time Student(s) Course Title
Fall 2008 Chelsea Furlong Mass Media History and Development
Spring 2008 Jessica Weisensell Surveying Public Opinion
  Ale Perez Sandy Pletikosic Media Literacy
Thesis Advisor outside Hoftstra University
Time Student University / Program Thesis Title
Spring 2009 Stanislava Stanava American University Applying Complex Systems to Businesses