Residents, Officials Celebrate Ongoing New Cassel Revitalization – Westbury Times, Oct 2011 article

This month the Westbury Times published an article on October 7th about Dr. Allison’s research, Hofstra University’s National Center for Suburban Studies and the ongoing New Cassel Community Revitalization Project.

“The study, which was authored by Hofstra University Media Studies professor Dr. Mary Ann Allison, focuses on the various levels of government, nonprofit organizations, religious groups, and private businesses that came together to create a model for renewal — one that may serve similar communities around the nation.”

“This is the second study,” Allison said. “There will be at least one more, and a book publisher has contacted me to ask if we will turn this into a book in a couple of years. The answer is yes, and the reason for that is so other communities can learn how to [revitalize],” she said, also noting that New Cassel will become a “worldwide example.”

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