Communication Media and the Patterns of Social Change
Human beings and our technology dominate the globe.  We are inescapably interconnected and interdependent.Understanding how we are organized as a global society is one of the keys to human survival.In this areas, I am extending my award-winning theory of Gecyberschaft which enables people to quickly and effectively organize their understanding of society in the Information Age.

Current projects:
A book and an exploration of the characteristics of emergent citizen science.

In an action research process, Hofstra students document individual community structures along with the communications channels which enable these physical and virtual relationships.  Case studies are supplemented by interviews.

I am grateful to the following funders for their support in this area:
Hofstra University, School of Communication: Documenting Communication Flows in Primary Attention Groups Using Social Network Analysis. Fall 2006, Spring and Fall 2007, Spring 2008.
LoBue Holdings, LLC. Agent-based modeling of disrupted market ecologies: A strategic tool to think with. 2000.
Urban Communication and Community Revitalization

pictures courtesy Sustainable Long Island

For the first time in human history, more than half of the human species lives in cities and urban areas.  Virtual communities are also transforming our lives.

While it is comparatively easier to study the physical components of community, it is critical that we understand the less visible social structures and processes which support good lives.

I conduct research for the National Center for Suburban Studies at Hofstra University and participate in the Urban Communication Foundation’s goal of  developing scholarship.

Current projects:
Interviews and surveys of community leaders regarding their understanding of social change and rapporteur for local government partnership training

I am grateful to the following funders for their support in this area:
Hofstra University, School of Communication: Understanding and Managing Change in Urban Communication Ecologies. Spring and Summer 2009.
Neptune Regional Transmission System, LLC. Printing for Community Revitalization in New Cassel, New York. Spring 2009.
Sustainable Long Island, administered by the National Center for Suburban Studies at Hofstra University. Community Revitalization in New Cassel, New York. 2008.
New Media: Collaboration and Participation
The ability to collaborate effectively is a skill required for almost all business, government, and academic careers.   Those who are unable to participate as producers of new media will be left behind as society transforms itself in the Age of Information and Relationships.Current projects:
Experimenting with various pedagogical approaches, I incorporate training and practice in collaboration both in person and mediated in all of my classes, informally studying student improvement.
I am grateful to the following funders for their support in this area:
Hofstra University. Develop Mass Media: History and Development as a distance learning class. 2008.