“Reintegrating the Virtual with the Physical in Rome and New York” at MEA 2011

Dr. Allison will be representing Hofstra University at the Media Ecology Association 12th Annual Convention. This 2011 convention is entitled “Space,  Place, and the McLuhan Legacy” at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada on Saturday June 25th.  Dr. Allison will be presenting a paper entitled “Reintegrating the Virtual with the Physical in Rome and New York”.

In 2011, the University of Alberta will host the Herbert Marshall McLuhan Edmonton Centenary in celebration of the birth of the influential scholar and public figure in Edmonton, Canada, on July 21, 1911. As part of the centenary festivities, the Media Ecology Association will be holding its annual convention in the city of Edmonton to provoke academic dialogue and raise public awareness of media ecology and the relevance of McLuhan’s body of work to today’s media-rich urban landscapes.

The 12th Annual Convention of the Media Ecology Association invites papers, panels, creative projects, and other proposals exploring space, place and city in the context of the McLuhan intellectual legacy. How might media ecology inform today’s architecture and city planning? What is the relationship between urban and virtual media realities? What is the meaning of the city in the “global village”? How do new media technologies intertwine, intersect and reform today’s urban landscapes?