Dr. Allison welcomes inquiries from the press in the following areas:

  • New media and its affects on society
  • Community revitalization and sustainable communities
  • Social change in individuals, communities, and institutions
  • The effects of emerging technologies
  • Sustainable high performance in organizations

Contact Mary Ann Allison:

Mary Ann Allison is the principal of The Allison Group, LLC

Hofstra Honors it’s first Mentor of the Year


“Thank you to all my students and the Hofstra community for their support and recognition.”
–Dr. Mary Ann Allison

Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY — Mary Ann Allison, Ph.D., an assistant professor in the Department of Journalism, Media Studies and Public Relations in the School of Communication, has been named Hofstra University’s first Mentor of the Year, a new award to honor outstanding faculty supervision of advanced undergraduate research.   Based in part on letters of nomination by students and colleagues, the prize is given to a full-time faculty member who has guided students, both professionally and academically, toward developing original ideas for research.

“Dr. Allison has a way of making seeds of inspiration blossom into research papers, multimedia presentations, and in my circumstance, visual journalism,” says one student researcher who nominated her.  “She understands her students in a way that makes them unafraid to succeed, no matter how much work is involved or how obscure the field.  She is one of those mentors who will continue to change and inspire her students, long after grades are received.”

This award reaffirms Hofstra’s recognition of advanced undergraduate research and dedicated faculty supervision as part of its commitment to teaching excellence, notes Neil H. Donahue, Undergraduate Research Coordinator and Senior Associate Dean of Honors College. Read more here: http://www.hofstra.edu/Home/News/PressReleases/05182012_MentorOftheYear.html

Residents, Officials Celebrate Ongoing New Cassel Revitalization – Westbury Times, Oct 2011 article

This month the Westbury Times published an article on October 7th about Dr. Allison’s research, Hofstra University’s National Center for Suburban Studies and the ongoing New Cassel Community Revitalization Project.

“The study, which was authored by Hofstra University Media Studies professor Dr. Mary Ann Allison, focuses on the various levels of government, nonprofit organizations, religious groups, and private businesses that came together to create a model for renewal — one that may serve similar communities around the nation.”

“This is the second study,” Allison said. “There will be at least one more, and a book publisher has contacted me to ask if we will turn this into a book in a couple of years. The answer is yes, and the reason for that is so other communities can learn how to [revitalize],” she said, also noting that New Cassel will become a “worldwide example.”

Read the full article here: http://antonnews.com/westburytimes/news/18132-residents-officials-celebrate-ongoing-new-cassel-revitalization.html

“Reintegrating the Virtual with the Physical in Rome and New York” at MEA 2011

Dr. Allison will be representing Hofstra University at the Media Ecology Association 12th Annual Convention. This 2011 convention is entitled “Space,  Place, and the McLuhan Legacy” at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada on Saturday June 25th.  Dr. Allison will be presenting a paper entitled “Reintegrating the Virtual with the Physical in Rome and New York”.

In 2011, the University of Alberta will host the Herbert Marshall McLuhan Edmonton Centenary in celebration of the birth of the influential scholar and public figure in Edmonton, Canada, on July 21, 1911. As part of the centenary festivities, the Media Ecology Association will be holding its annual convention in the city of Edmonton to provoke academic dialogue and raise public awareness of media ecology and the relevance of McLuhan’s body of work to today’s media-rich urban landscapes.

The 12th Annual Convention of the Media Ecology Association invites papers, panels, creative projects, and other proposals exploring space, place and city in the context of the McLuhan intellectual legacy. How might media ecology inform today’s architecture and city planning? What is the relationship between urban and virtual media realities? What is the meaning of the city in the “global village”? How do new media technologies intertwine, intersect and reform today’s urban landscapes?

Upcoming Events: National Center for Suburban Studies at Hoftra University and the New York State Communication Association 2009 Convention

Friday, Oct. 23rd

Mary Ann will be speaking at the National Center for Suburban Studies at Hofstra University conference during The Diverse Suburb: History, Politics, and Prospects. Scheduled to be a part of the Routes to Suburban Revitalization (10:15 am – 11:45 am panel) at the Student Center Theater,  Sondra and David S. Mack Student Center, North Campus. Dr. Allison’s paper will be on Understanding and Managing Change in Suburban Communication Ecologies.


Saturday, Oct. 24th

Mary Ann will be moderating a Round Table Forum at the New York State Communication Association 2009 Convention next Saturday, October 24th. The preliminary schedule has Dr. Allison listed as the chair on New Urban Communication Technologies and Rituals at 10am in Room 3. Discussants so far:

  • Bruce Avery, General Manager, WRHU, Hofstra University
  • Suzanne Berman, Hofstra University
  • Susan J. Drucker, Hofstra University
  • Gary Gumpert, Communication Landscapers
  • Victoria Geyer, Hofstra University
  • Matthew Mattagansis, State University of New York at Albany