About Dr. Allison

Mary Ann Allison, Ph.D., is an interdisciplinary scholar at Hofstra University who uses media theory, sociology, and complex systems theory to study the ways in which individuals, communities, and institutions are changing.

In addition to teaching Media Studies in the School of Communication, she conducts research for The National Center for Suburban Studies at Hofstra University and the Urban Communication Foundation.

Her study of social evolution won the Harold A. Innis Award for Outstanding Dissertation in the field of Media Ecology.

“Dr. Allison’s meticulous attention to detail, her accessible writing style, and her ability to cultivate the wide variety of informants… offer a blueprint for future projects of this type.”
– Barbara M. Kelly, Ph.D.
Professor, Emeritus
Hofstra University
“Anyone who grasps the concepts in The Complexity Advantage will have the power to change a business in startling ways… These are big ideas.”
– Thomas Petzinger, Jr.,
The Wall Street Journal