Service & Consulting

Editorial Boards and Academic Journals

Editor, Planning and Policy, Journal of Preservation Education and Research (2007 – present)

Founding member of the editorial board of a new peer-reviewed journal sponsored by the National Council for Preservation Education. First issue came out Summer 2008.

Planning and Preservation Experience

Chair, National Council for Preservation Education (2006 – present)

NCPE is the national organization for promoting preservation education and certifying preservation graduate, undergraduate, certificate and affiliated programs. 2nd Vice Chair 2006-2010, elected chair 2010.

Steering Committee Member, Citizens Emergency Committee to Preserve Preservation (2006 – present)

CECPP was formed in response to the continual weakening of the independence and capabilities of the New York City Landmark Preservation Commission over the past two city administrations.  CECPP seeks to secure adequate staff and funding for the LPC so that it may meet mandates spelled out in the Landmarks Law; to amend LPC procedures to improve transparency and responsiveness to the public; and to ensure that Landmarks commissioners have the qualifications to carry out the LPC mission.

Vice Chairman and Founding Board Member, New York Preservation Archives Project (1993 – present)

Dedicated to preserving papers of pioneers of New York City preservation and seeing that the history of the preservation movement in New York City is not lost. Negotiated agreement with Avery Library to provide space for the archive.

Co-Chair, APA Rebuild Downtown Task Force (2002 – 2007)

Member of the task force formed by the Metro Chapter of the American Planning Association to further APA’s principles with and render assistance to the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, the body charged by New York State with post 9/11 rebuilding. To date have worked with LMDC advising on the process for creating a memorial and the role of the public in the overall development of the World Trade Center site. Served as APA reprehensive on the Section 106 Review process for projects involving the LMDC, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and the New York State Department of Transportation (Metro APA, acting on behalf of APA national, is a Consulting Party in the 106 process).

APA Representative, New York, New Visions Task Force (2001 – 2006)

Served as APA Coordinator on the Cultural and Historic Resources Committee and now serving on the Plans Review Task Force of New York, New Visions, a joint project of the American Planning Association, American Institute of Architects, and eighteen other professional design associations working to establish a framework for the rebuilding of New York City, physically, economically and symbolically, after the destruction of the World Trade Center.

President, Historic Districts Council (1990 – 2000)

The Historic Districts Council is a citywide historic preservation advocacy group whose primary operations are to work with local communities and government agencies involved with New York historic districts. Built HDC into a major voice in New York City preservation. Oversaw a dramatic increase in fundraising, from less than $1,000 per year in 1990 to $350,000 per year in 2000. Initiated and managed transformation of HDC from a purely voluntary organization operating from a post-office box to one with a full-time paid staff. Instituted five-year strategic planning sessions and met all goals of each plan. In February 1995, HDC held the first annual New York City Preservation Conference (conducted each year since).

  • Board Member, 1988 – 2003
  • Vice President, 1989
  • Secretary, 1989

Founding Committee Member, Greewich Village Preservation Archive and Oral History Project (1995 – 2000)

Funded in part by the New York Preservation Archive Project, this committee of the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation is preserving the physical records and the memories of the Village’s efforts since 1940 to protect its historic architecture and community.

Founding Member of the Governors Island Group (1997 – 2000)

Task force coordinated by the Regional Plan Association to advance the public interest agenda in the re-use of Governors Island.

Member of the Regional Plan Association Governors Island Group Workshop steering committee (March 20th, 1997)

The steering committee designed and acted as client for a 12 member expert panel brought together to address the problems accociated with Federal sale of Governors Island and to produce a plan for its reuse.

Chair, Fort Greene Landmarks Preservation Committee (1986 – 1990)

The community organization for the Fort Greene neighborhood, including the Fort Greene Historic District. Took over a moribund organization and rebuilt it into an active and effective community organization.

  • Board Member, 1990 – 1992
  • Secretary, 1985 – 1986
Other Not-for-Profit Board Memberships

Vice President of the Board, Dancing in the Streets (2004 – 2006)

Dancing in the Streets organizes and funds place-related art exhibitions and performances, from dance to visual arts, that both call attention to the places they are performed and interact with those places.

  • Board Member, 2002 – 2006

Founding Board Member, Fulton Street Local Development Corporation (1989 – 1990)

Board Member, The Hill (1986 – 1987)

Community newspaper serving Clinton Hill, Fort Greene and Wallabout in Brooklyn.


Principal, The Allison Group, LLC (1980 – present)

Provides strategic and organizational planning for both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. The Allison Group provides services designed to make enterprises more flexible and dynamic based on recent advances in complex adaptive systems theory as applid to human social organization. Clients include:  Hewlett-Packard, iStar Financial, the Federal Court System, and the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Consultant, Allison~LoBue Group, LLC (1999-2000)

Founded and led a joint venture with LoBue Holdings—the Allison~LoBue Group—which created a new product line and generated $800,000 in 9 months


Account Executive and Financial Planner, Tax Shelter Specialist, various clients Financial Industry (1971 – 1981)

Clients included: American Mutual Insurance Company, Paine Webber, Merrill Lynch, and Shearson American Express.