HP Livable Cities permissions

For free review copies, permission to reproduce excerpts or images and other uses please contact:

  • Magazines or journals can request a free review copy, please contact: Evelyn Martinez at emartinez@wiley.com.
  • For firms or cities featured in the book which wish to republish an excerpt for situations like a case study about the firm’s project on a website, please contact:  resellers@wiley.com and ssafdar@wiley.com.
  • Persons or publications who wish to republish an excerpt or image, please contact: permissionsus@wiley.com or visitwww.wiley.com/go/permissions.
  • For use in a book or a scholarly journal, please contact Sheik Safdar at (201) 748-6512 or ssafdar@wiley.com.
  • For use in a magazine, contact Adam Levison at (201) 748-5976 or alevison@wiley.com
  • For use in a webinar, on a web page that you do not control, or other digital resource, contact Veronika Yefremenko at (201) 748-6828 or vyefreme@wiley.com.
  • For use by an instructor in a college course, contact Sheik Safdar at (201) 748-6512 or ssafdar@wiley.com.
  • The person seeking permission should have this information available:
    • what content you want permission to use (page number from the book)
    • how it will be disseminated
    • how many copies of the review, book, journal, or magazine are to be printed or how many people will visit webinar.