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Team Building and Leadership programs

“Hire the best. Pay them fairly. Communicate frequently. Provide challenges and rewards. Believe in them. Get out of their way and they'll knock your socks off.” - from Managing Up, Managing Down

“Since the program, I'm amazed at how much self-awareness helps you to be a better communicator. I'm surpised at how I speak upfor myself now. How I'm not hesitant about asking questions or worrying more than I should about how other peole will feel about me. My relationships have improved and the interactions with others are on a whole new level. I'm excited about the turn my life has taken. Thank you for everything."

—Specialist, US Government Organization
Learn about our Methodology

We use appreciate inquiry, systems thinking and psychmetrics to increase effectiveness and job satisfaction.

"I've never seen anything like it. This not only explains why I was making things worse when I meant to help… but also gives me the tools to change the way I communicate."

—Division Head, Software Company

At this time, the Allison Group offers two core programs. We tailor each program to fit the situation and the goals of the senior sponsor.

From time to time, we also design and deliver new programs which are then owned by the client.

Communication and Team Building program the program

The Allison Group’s communication and team performance program is a one-day program which has increased team and managerial effectiveness in a wide variety of settings, including government agencies, businesses, and NGOs.

During this one-day program, participants experience for themselves the ways in which people approach the world in both similar and very different ways. Individual exercises promote reflection and increased self understanding. Participants practice communicating in different styles and have fun while learning how to work together more effectively.

We use the Insights Discovery Report to help individuals learn about their own and other’s preferences. To assist in the transfer of learning to performance on the job, participants prepare a plan for communicating with four specific individuals with differing psychometric preferences beginning the day after the program. This program is based on rigorous theory and decades of successful practical application in large organizations.

We also have fun! We use thinking toys, baseball caps, and colored M&Ms. (We don’t do group hugs.) Tailored to meet the needs of each client, the core program is offered as a robust session for divisions, directorates, branches, workgroups, and for cross-organization groups such as senior or middle managers. Employees at all levels enjoy and benefit from this program.

During our programs, we offer participants the opportunity to sign up for team communication charts which help team members to remember where to start for maximum effectiveness when working with each other. Download The Allison Group's Team Communication Chart as an example.

The Pre-Program Report and Telephone Review Process the pre-program process

Before attending the core program, every participant completes a 25-question online questionnaire and receives, via email, a practical, confidential Insights Discovery Report based on his or her psychometric preferences.

Each person then participates in a one hour telephone review and coaching session. As a result of this one-on-one attention and learning, participants come to the group program with enthusiasm, ready to build additional skills.

The Allison Group, LLC, is licensed for the Discovery System by The Gatehouse Alliance. INSIGHTS, INSIGHTS DISCOVERY and INSIGHTS WHEEL are Registered Trade Marks. © Andrew Lothian 1992-2011, Insights, Dundee, Scotland. All rights reserved.

Make Every Conversation Count

During this half-day program, participants are guided through a process of analyzing their situations and introduced to a series of tools. They prepare plans for structuring their conversations in at least two actual situations on the job and practice implementation skills with others in the program. The tools provided are designed to support continuous improvement on the job.

Topics include:

  • types of trust (contract, communication, competence)
  • debate and dialog
  • conversation plan
  • silence or violence (signs that we don’t feel safe)
  • productive and unproductive goals
  • accelerating accountability

Typically, participants have fun while increasing their skills. This program is based on rigorous theory and decades of successful practical application in large organizations. We use thinking toys; but we don’t force intimacy.

Design and Assessment Services

Use our deep expertise in design and assessment.

We have experience designing and assessing meetings, training, and educational programs. Whether you need expertise or simply extra hands, contact us to arrange for a consultation.

“[The Complexity Advantage] provides examples from multinational businesses to show readers concrete and practical methods, based on complexity theory, for solving practical business problems. The book also seeks to demonstrate how discoveries from the new sciences can help businesses and organizations get out of destructive practices, and embrace constructive ones.” [ read more on Amazon]

“Just as a successful marriage is the product of hard work and planning, a successful relationship with your boss also requires forethought and preparation… Your boss is the most critical person in your career. Whether you're fired, left alone, or promoted is dependent on your boss's judgment. Therefore, time invested in working with your boss is a good investment in your career.” - from Managing Up, Managing Down