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About Dr. Mary Ann Allison
100 Freeman Street, Suite F-2
Brooklyn, New York 11222-5899
(GMT - 05.00) Eastern Time (US)
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"Mary Ann started our conference off on the right foot and got everyone thinking! There were clear business lessons which could be taken and applied in a whole variety of situations." —Institute of Directors, Scotland

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A principal of the Allison Group, Mary Ann Allison works with businesses, governments, and NGOs around the world to improve their capacity to generate positive results in rapidly-changing environments. Her approach combines real business experience ranging from Citigroup VP to directing an Internet start-up and rigorous scientific theory.

In her work as a futurist, Dr. Allison conducts research into the nature of community and social change and teaches Media Studies at Hofstra University. Allison is an insightful and engaging speaker who helps audiences to understand how the changes in society today affect everything in our lives. More, she provides a practical roadmap to help us make better decisions for our children, in our businesses, schools, and government agencies, and—not least—in our individual lives.

Among those Dr. Allison has worked with are the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of the Treasury, the Administrative Office of the US Courts, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Scottish Enterprise, National Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia, Dancing in the Streets, and the Historic Districts Council.

Allison was with Citibank for 16 years where she worked with emerging technologies on a global basis. She was part of the team that took the credit card division from near bankruptcy to profitability. She led the team that designed and implemented service, operations, and back office systems for Citibank’s first consumer banking via personal computer service, opening the first virtual branch bank and coordinating the first publicly-displayed 24 hour banking “face” (integrating 57 separate back office systems). Her CitiPhone Banking strategy increased the percentage of retail financial transactions by phone from less than 1% to over 44% in two years in 16 countries in Asia.

Allison coauthored The Complexity Advantage: How the Science of Complexity Can Help Your Business Achieve Peak Performance, which the Wall Street Journal described by saying: "Anyone who grasps the concepts in The Complexity Advantage will have the power to change a business in startling ways. ... These are big ideas."

The Complexity Advantage
The science of complexity is now in our business vocabulary
This book takes a new and different approach to deal with the multitude of inputs and signals coming at us today. I found the science of complexity a very logical and understandable approach, and the illustration of taking diffuse light and focusing it into a laser with many times the power, a wonderful analogy. [ read more]

The Complexity Advantage
A thought-provoking book for anyone in business
This is a thought provoking, perception changing book, grounded in reality, with good real-world examples. For anyone working in the fast changing world of business, it provides a practical way of moving forward and being innovative while still maintaining the integrity of the group involved. [ read more]

Managing Up, Managing Down
A must for first time managers
This book is only slightly out of date in a few instances, but has so much sensible, straight forward, down to earth advise for first time managers that it should be put back into print and recirculated for those of us who would like to own a copy rather than checking it out at the library. Every chapter is invaluable! [ create your own review]