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About Heather Troy
100 Freeman Street, Suite F-2
Brooklyn, New York 11222-5899
(GMT - 05.00) Eastern Time (US)
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“Heather Troy is amazing! She kept all 115 of our program participants on track. Even though time was tight, every single person got their report and had a telephone review before the session.
     She was always professional and pleasant, even when we changed minds and made her life difficult.” - Director of Human Resources, US Federal Agency
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Heather Troy
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As a part time Allison Group Associate Heather's responsibilities involve event and information managment. She works closely with individual participants to prepare them for their workshops and with organizational leaders to coordinate successful programs. She utilitzes her background to assist in designing support materials.

Heather has worked in the fine arts and design industries as the Assistant Director of a contemporary art gallery in New York City and as a international Event Manager for various touring engagements. She maintains a creative studio working as an Art Director for small businesses and not-for-profit projects.

Formally trained as a fine artist in classical mediums, Heather primarily works in new media and traditional craft. Her original works of fine art and crafts have been sold in Baltimore, Washington DC, New York City and Tokyo, Japan. The events and artists she has managed have been represented in Fox News, Reuters, and The Museum of Modern Art in New York City, amongst others.